KAY-SON is CWB Certified under CSA Standard W47.1 Division 1. KAY-SON engineers ensure design, procedures, and workmanship meet internal standards as well as CWB Certification. Our team of welding engineers and shop supervisors control and verify welding operations.

Design Support

KAY-SON provides design support during the final design phase. Our team focuses on value engineering to improve cost and product function for our customers. Our experience in connection design helps minimize field work and fabrication time while satisfying design requirements. We advise with material selection emphasizing use of commonly available shapes and sizes to reduce cost and fabrication time.

Live Reviews

Complex projects, such as Design-Build and EPC, require a high level of organization and teamwork.  KAY-SON leads live review sessions with key stakeholders (Engineers, Detailers, Contractor, Owner, etc.) to review specifics of a project before drawings are shop issued.  3D modeling software enhances the team’s understanding of the design and streamlines the build process by minimizing revisions and RFI’s.  With all decisions makers present, solutions can be reviewed, modified and fast tracked. Our customers have come to rely on KAY-SON’s proven methods to drive projects to successful completion.